Plasma method is non-invasive and non-surgical method which allows us to get results without surgery.

It is the answer to all the client’s needs that either fear or dislike the surgical procedure that is usually connected with face rejuvenation. The method does not require anesthesia, there is no long down time, swelling or bruises, that many clients find problematic.

It is essential to inform our clients of realistic results associated with the Plasma method which compared to surgical methods delivers very comparable results, while being much less expensive and involving less possible complications.

How does it work?

Main principle is to ionize (chemically to break apart some or all electrons of an atom or molecule) gases from the air in order to create mini magnetic “arrow” with which we can cure specific skin problems directly where the problem is, avoiding all surrounding healthy tissue and leaving it untouched.

“Electric arrows” affect fibroblast cells in papillary layer. Idea behind an intentional and controlled damaging of the skin layers specifically where the problematic area is to activate healing process which results in healthy and tightened skin tissue.

After the treatment small crusts – dry spots form on the skin and it is very important that the client keeps the skin clean and protect it with the Fine Line Lifting cream and regularly washes the skin with lukewarm water as to ensure fast and effective healing. The crusts should fall of in 5 to 7 days after the treatment if the after care is done according to the instructions. At this time the skin begins to heal and the damage to skin cells incites growth and renewal of new and younger skin.


Results of 22 Plasma method are permanent but since skin is ageing as we get older and collagen production decreases every year we have treat every client individually. Natural factors such as smoking and sun exploitation, stress, genetic factors will continue to have an impact on aging process but we can alleviate those factors with stimulating skin to heal with 22 Plasma method. Results will last forever but eventually you will have to repeat the process to fight ageing process.


Plasma pen is a revolutionary device which uses Electro fulguration for a variety of cosmetic treatments. An Electrode is held 1–2 mm from skin surface, and produces a Voltaic spark or electric arc. High voltage allows current to overcome resistance of air gap between tissue and electrode tip. This causes superficial tissue dehydration and carbonisation over wide area. The Carbonised epidermis insulates and minimises further damage to the underlying dermis. Therefore, the client has small crusting for 4-7days, but they can apply camouflage makeup until crusting comes away, taking the imperfection with it. The technology behind plasma sterilisation is not new, and was first used by NASA. However, unlike previous devices the new pen generates a range of plasma states, depending on the medical application it is being used for.


  • Scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Removing skin tags
  • Treating age spots
  • Stretch marks

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