New Training: 22 Institute PMU & Tattoo Removal

The world of beauty is often a hard place to live in. We are always making sure not to make a mistake, we want to offer our clients the best and make sure they always leave us with a smile on their face.
That is why we feel that PMU & TATTOO REMOVAL is the next logical step in the expansion of the 22 Institute offer. As humans we make mistakes or perhaps clients decide they want
to erase something they once thought will be with them forever. Now you will be able to offer your clients the perfect solution. 22 Institute has perfected the
training to teach our future students everything there is to know about PMU, TATTOOS, MICROBLADING, its removal, skin and much more to prepare them for the work ahead.
22 Institute Removal is the safest and fastest treatment to remove unwanted Permanent Make up's, Microblading's and small Tattoos. We have always taken great precautions to
preserve the skin and keep it safe and healthy. That is why this training was carefully thought out to deliver the best possible results while being extremely safe and healthy.
If you wish to find out more write to us on our email:
or call us: +38640 981 376