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1 / 2 Days Intensive 22 Plasma Training

22 Institute Headquarter is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia where we have a specialized beauty salon with 18+ years of combined staff experience credited by Slovenian, as well as international degrees. Our satisfied, returning customers can vouch for the quality of our salon. We follow global trends in the services we provide, and strive to create our own trends. All services are provided by a highly professional staff.

Revolutionary 22 Plasma method can be quite an art. However, before you can become an artist and professional, you need a well-executed class. 22 Institute offers world-renowned education presented by the very best 22 Institute Team.

Why choose us?

  • you receive all the education you need to successfully implement the Plasma methods
  • you will be able to participate at the most intensive and extensive non-surgical lifting program
  • we reveal exclusive 22 Institute techniques to assist you in achieving perfect results
  • you receive the high-quality education you paid for
  • published photos of our students' work to show the amount of knowledge they receive in our trainings
  • well-known references, and a combined staff total of 18 years of training experience have given us an outstanding reputation
  • luxury products at an affordable price
  • ongoing support post-training
  • small classes so we can dedicate our time to each trainee
  • educated by the very best 22 Institute Team

1 / 2 Day Program Intensive 22 Plasma Training:

  • Meet the 22 Plasma method
  • 22 Plasma tools
  • Safety of the Plasma method
  • Structure and composition of the skin
  • Introduction to the skin and skin disorders
  • Treatment preparation
  • Procedures and use of 22 Plasma tools
  • 22 Plasma treatment techniques
  • Healing process
  • Aftercare treatment
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Plasma: demonstration of techniques on a model, which may also be filmed – Wrinkle Techniques shown: Eyelids, Crown’s feet, Ears lifting, age spot removal
  • Your own work on practicing tools
  • Your own first-time work on a model you bring with you (you’re working under constant supervision by the trainer)
  • Total supervision of procedures on a model, correction and comments throughout the procedure
  • Client consultation process
  • Characteristic points in the sketching phase and symmetry measurements
  • Resolution of possible unsuccessful characteristics of your work

Following the class, we recommend the participants do at least 10 models at home, sending us photos of the results, which we then go over with you and correct you until both you and we are 100% satisfied with your work.

  • 22 Institute Plasma Device
  • Plasma nozzle
  • 22 After Care Cream
  • 22 Institute Wipes
  • Manual
  • Diploma

»My name is Tatjana Damjanovic and I am the CEO and founder of 22 Institute. I have been professionally involved in the beauty world for more than 10 years. When I came across Plasma the results not only impressed me but opened my eyes to a new world.

I stand firmly behind the people in my company whom I support 100% at their work. They have proven time and time again, with their hard work and exceptional results they deserve the praise and a spot in the 22 Institute team.

I believe we should always present reasonable and realistic results to our clients. We understand the importance of expectation and always look to realistically present the Plasma treatment. That way we are always certain of our customer’s satisfaction and happiness«

 Tatjana Damjanovic

1 – Day Plasma Training